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Date: 8/13/2011      Time: 10:37

EF7 Samand LX, Most Fuel Efficient Car in Iran's market

Samand LX powered by EF7 engine is a popular car in Iran's market.

Ali Asghar Saraeinia, IKCO Deputy CEO in this regard said, "EF7 Samand LX sips only 6.2 liters per 100 kilometers and is regarded as the most fuel efficient car in the segment D of Iran domestic market."
Saraeinia said that based on research studies, most Iranian families are keen on safe and fuel efficient cars. Safety, comfort and fuel efficiency are the specifications that has turned EF7-powered Samand LX into the most appropriate car for Iranian families.
The Deputy CEO referred to the modern technology used in a car as the customer's most desired requirements and said, "EF7 engine not only boosts the cars fuel efficiency but also provides unique acceleration and power."
The most significant specification of the EF7-powered Samand LX is its most advanced engine that is the outcome of Iranian expert engineers' uninterrupted work, taking advantage of the German Engine Research Center (F.E.V) consultation.